FMQ Design Sessions

How do I quilt my quilt? This is a question I get asked ALL the time! And, as a free motion quilting obsessed quilter, I love this question.

Here, you will find videos where I show you how to think of overall designs for a quilt and how to quilt the motifs. These are quilts that are submitted by my subscribers! To submit a quilt to be featured, click here to sign up.

I hope you enjoy learning how to quilt your quilt and jump start your creativity!

Design Session #1 - Church Window by Lo and Behold Stitchery

Design Session #2 - Wildwood by GeometriQuilt

Design Session #3 - Wildwood by GeomtriQuilt cont...

Design Session #4 - Art Quilts by Louise Brogan

Design Session #5 - Cathy's Star Quilt

Design Session #6 - Rainbow Sampler Quilt

Design Session #7 - American Flag Quilt