My Story

I came to Iowa for the first time in 2006. Freshly graduated from high school and moving to a new country, I was full of excitement for what lay ahead. I graduated from college, met my husband, and moved into our first home. I started working at a local aerospace company in a building next to a pond surrounded with trees. I came into work every day to work with amazingly intelligent people with unique skills and awesome talents. I worked so hard to get to this point and built the life I had dreamed of.



 Yet, I still felt like something was missing. I needed to express my creativity in some way, in a form I could not do working with engineers and program managers. My husband suggested looking into quilting, a hobby his mother had had for decades. I chose to give it a try, and little did I know what that creative outlet would lead to!


Simone using her design wall


Quilting is more than a hobby or a creative outlet. It is community, the building of relationships, witnessing beautiful people make beautiful works, helping each other grow from beginners to masters of a million different forms of art. There is so much trust and encouragement, and all that filled the part of my life that had been missing.

And this brings me to you!

I want to help make you feel the trust and encouragement that is the quilting community. I have a part in that. I am a longarmer. I am your partner on the journey to finishing the quilt you worked so hard on. I want to know all about you, what makes you happy, where you are in your quilting adventures, and how I can help make the vision of your quilt come to life.

I would be so glad to hear from you! I encourage you to look at examples of my work and just imagine the fun we could have on finishing your quilts! Reach out to me when you are ready!


More About Us

We are animal lovers. We have an adorable dog, Shiloh, and three cuddly cats named Puma, Tigre, and Pan. But don't worry, the longarm and sewing area are off-limits to the kitties!


Shiloh, the best dog ever!


Scott is also creative and loves woodworking. Unfortunately, this means that we don't really have a garage, but he has an awesome woodshop! His goal is to replace all our furniture with pieces that he makes himself.


A sofa table that Scott made


Included in our online shop are some of Scott's beautiful hand-turned seam rippers.