Wildwood Quilt Pt 2 - Design Session #3

The Wildwood quilt is a modern geometric quilt that shows a lot of movement and uses unique shapes to accomplish this effect. This design session is broken down into two parts. The first part covers specific tips to help break down a quilt to create a quilt plan. This second part covers which quilting motifs to use once your quilt plan has been created.

A detailed transcript of the video can be found below!

Design Session #3 - Wildwood by GeomtriQuilt Pt 2

Nancy submitted this Wildwood quilt she pattern tested for Caroline of @geomtriquilt.

Quilting Shapes & Motifs

Shape 1: Long Trapezoid:

Motif 1:  Serpentine lines, alternate for a feather effect

Motif 2:  Curvy vertical lines that are

Motif 3:  Diagonal lines

Motif 4:  Echoed triangles

Shape 2: Triangle

Motif 1:  Curves connecting from corner to corner

Motif 2:  Curves connecting in two corners and in the middle of one side; same direction or alternating

Motif 3:  Loops increasing in size to follow the shape of the triangle

Motif 4:  Pebbles increasing in size to fill the shape

- Use your favorite fills! Like Paisley's or swirls

- One sided feather, combo feather petal, leaf, swirl

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