Wildwood Quilt Pt 1 - Design Session #2

The Wildwood quilt is a modern geometric quilt that shows a lot of movement and uses unique shapes to accomplish this effect. This design session is broken down into two parts. This first part covers specific tips to help break down a quilt to create a quilt plan. The second part covers which quilting motifs to use once your quilt plan has been created.

A detailed transcript of the video can be found below!

Design Session #2 - Wildwood by GeometriQuilt Pt 1

Nancy submitted this Wildwood quilt she pattern tested for Caroline of @geomtriquilt.

Tips to Create a Quilt Plan:

Tip 1: Decide which color will be your background.

This is where a lot of your quilting designs will be placed to allow the other parts of the quilt to shine on their own. This doesn’t mean you can’t place designs on these other parts, but you want to consider where you want the focus of your designs to be. This also shouldn’t stop you from combining the background in a design with other parts of the quilt for a secondary design effect, it’s just meant to help you divide the space into a form you can play with. 

Tip 2: Find shapes you recognize and can work with.

For this quilt, I see trapezoids and triangles, some larger squares and rectangles. I also see repeating sets of three - three small triangles, three large triangles, three trapezoids, etc. These are all shapes that are walking foot friendly, too. 

Tip 3: See if you can divide the quilt into parts that you can tackle individually.

I can clearly see that this quilt comes together in two distinct strips. This one with the larger pieces, and this one with the smaller pieces. This is not something I want to highlight when quilting this, so I am going to choose to have my designs go across these strips to provide more unity to the pattern. Instead, I will focus on finishing my design process and dividing it up once it’s done.

Tip 4: Play with these shapes and find a design that you feel compliments the top and is within your ability to make. Once you have decided on the design you want, keep practicing on paper until you know where to go instinctively when you’re at your machine.

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