Welcome to the Simone Quilts Blog!

Simone sure knows her way around a sewing machine. Half of our basement is her sewing studio, with a big chunk of that being Minerva, her gigantic longarm. She has a huge set of scissors, irons and ironing boards, a whole bunch of sewing machines, and so much fabric that we had to buy some extra shelving for some of it.



In the process of quilting and creating, Simone uses a bunch of different toys. She likes to try different ones to find what works best for her. With all of that testing, she has lots of opinions to share!


How about me? Well, I like to make things too. My building tends to happen mostly in my wood shop (what used to be our garage), but I love to poke around into a lot of different things.


For example, I made a cross stitch family for Simone for our second wedding anniversary. The traditional second anniversary gift is cotton, and one of my goals is to make her a gift using the traditional gift each year, but I haven't managed to succeed every year.


  • First Anniversary (Paper) - I learned to fold a dozen origami flowers, and wrote a sort of coupon inside each for things like watching her favorite movie or getting breakfast in bed.

  • Second Anniversary (Cotton) - The previously mentioned cross stitch, which I put into a frame and put up on our bedroom wall.

  • Third Anniversary - I made a breakfast in bed tray out of cherry. The legs fold up and everything! This one didn't hit the traditional gift of leather though.

  • Fourth Anniversary - Fruit/Flowers or Appliances? That's boring. I made Simone a wooden book that had the story of our relationship printed on each wooden page. The pages would only turn if you took the book to the correct location. We spent the day driving around to locations significant to our relationship.

  • Fifth Anniversary (upcoming) - The traditional gift for our fifth anniversary in 2018 is wood! This couldn't be more perfect!


For Valentine's Day 2018, I learned to do hand carving and carved a rose out of basswood. Then I mounted that to a walnut frame. Simone has this sitting on her desk at work. 



So I like to make all sorts of things, and I really enjoy making things for Simone most of all. This includes building her things to support her quilting. Those are the things that I'm going to be sharing on this blog. Watch for an upcoming post about how to build a light bar for your longarm at a fraction of the cost of buying one. (Hint, you can see it already if you head on over to the gallery)


So Simone is going to be sharing some write-ups of her quilting projects and reviews of different tools and gadgets that she tries. I will be sharing plans and details on building quilting related furniture and things.


Who knows, maybe Simone will even teach me how to quilt!

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