The Marion Quilt

I wanted to write a post about this very special quilt, just so I can look back and remember and to share with all of you! It's special for a variety of reasons. In a general way, this is a handmade item that I hope will be a bright presence in our home. Here it is on the quilt ladder my husband made me!

Marion quilt of handmade quilt ladder!

More specifically, this is the first real quilt that I created from concept to finished quilt! And in a sentimental way, it's a quilt inspired by my grandmother, Marion. 


My grandmother passed away on March 21st of last year. She was 94 years old but her passing was sudden and unexpected. She was a very creative and talented woman. She taught me how to crochet when I was just three years old! I don't hold a crochet hook like she taught me (and bugged her to no end!) but the lessons on how to read a pattern, choose yarn, and the variety of stitching are still with me now. She was also a fantastic cook, garment sewer, and an award winning gardener! She won multiple awards for her African Violets. When I would visit her in the summer, I would see bright colors bursting in perfect unison in her large flower gardens.

This winter was particularly difficult for me. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I did not grow up in the United States. I grew up in Latin American countries where rain was the worst type of weather we got! The snow, the cold, and dreary days are so oppressive. The lack of color makes me so sad! I decided that a way to get out of this slump was to create a quilt with beautiful spring colors emerging out of a dreary grey sky. I looked through pictures passed down to me of my grandmother's gardens and decided to use the bright and saturated colors I used in the quilt!

I wanted this quilt to be a repetitive block design for a few reasons, but mainly I wanted it to be a quick finish and beginner friendly. This quilt is made up of all Half Square Triangles (HSTs), which (in my opinion) is one of the most versatile quilt blocks. This quilt is also great for playing with color placement. The block is a traditional Ribbons Block but the color placement completely changes the look and makes it more modern.

Traditional Ribbon Block  

Would you like to make this quilt and put your own spin on it?

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Marion Quilt by Simone Fisher

I used KONA Cotton Solids for the quilt top and binding. I used a Pat Bravo print called "Wanderlust Bold" for the backing. I decided on an edge-to-edge digital pantograph called "Time Warp" for the quilting. This quilt is going to be loved and washed a lot, so I can have a visual reminder of my grandmother and of her endless inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about my quilt and learning a little bit more about my family. I have quite a few more patterns in the works but they are very different. This process has sparked a whole new joy in my life, and I can't wait to share it all with you!

Happy Sewing,


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