• American Flag Quilt - Design Session #7

    Even though we think of patriotic quilts as only to celebrate fourth of July here in the United States, patriotic quilts are made year round. Patri...
  • Rainbow Sampler Quilt - Design Session #6

    Sampler and medallion quilts are so much fun to quilt. It’s one of the rare times (in my opinion) that you can go as crazy as you want on the free ...
  • Modern Star Quilt - Design Session #5

    This traditional block is turned into a fun modern quilt with the asymmetrical placing of the star blocks and modern fabrics. This presents a great...
  • Art Quilts - Design Session #4

    Design Session #4 is a video covering the design options for a series of Art Quilts, submitted by Louise Brogan, a thread artist. Art quilts are a ...
  • Wildwood Quilt Pt 2 - Design Session #3

    The Wildwood Quilt Pt 2 shows 8 motifs for that can be used in the shapes found in this quilt!
  • Wildwood Quilt Pt 1 - Design Session #2

    The Wildwood Quilt Pt 1 shows four essential tips for for breaking down a quilt top to create your quilt plan.
  • Church Window Quilt - Design Session #1

    In Design Session #1 for the Church Window Quilt, I outline several unique quilt plans that are fun to do and will be sure to impress!