Modern Star Quilt - Design Session #5

This traditional block is turned into a fun modern quilt with the asymmetrical placing of the star blocks and modern fabrics. This presents a great opportunity to work with several different design options. 

Design Session #5 - Cathy's Star Quilt


  1. Observation: Elements of the pattern/breaking down the design
    1. Star blocks - 5 - brings the opportunity to alternate two designs and achieve a balanced look
    2. Railfence background. The sets are not the same and are random, so this would lend itself well to a more randomized design.
    3. Scrappy - opportunity for secondary designs but probably not ghost shapes of the star blocks
    4. 2 borders - one skinny and one large. Large has crosshatching in print
  1. Design options
    1. Stars
      1. Common background - all over design, or treat each piece individually
      2. Spikes - double echo, circles that only appear in the spikes, or add extra spikes in the corners
      3. Center square - filler, dot to dot
    2. Railfence background
      1. Stepping stones (zig zagging)
      2. Vertical stripes
      3. Fill in same motif on each rectangle of that color (yellow, grays, whites)
    3. Borders
      1. Follow the cross hatching print, fill in every other
      2. Create triangles and fill with the design used in the rail fence
      3. Feathers!

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