Rainbow Sampler Quilt - Design Session #6

Sampler and medallion quilts are so much fun to quilt. It’s one of the rare times (in my opinion) that you can go as crazy as you want on the free motion quilting. If you want to use 20 different fillers, you can! Because there are so many different blocks that all deserve the same amount of creativity that complement their particular design. I do try to select one design to use among all sampler blocks or have a common background fill in order to create a little sense of unity.

A detailed transcript of the video can be found below!

Design Session #6 - Rainbow Sampler Quilt

  • White borders
  • Grey border created in the space between the blocks
  • Rainbow borders

Sampler blocks:

    • 4 of the same in the center
    • 2 of the same on the upper left and bottom right corners
    • 2 ribbon blocks with different colorways
    • Even though there are repeating blocks, I think that making them all different would be more in the spirit of this sampler quilt.
    • Mix of patterned fabric and solid fabric - most of the quilting will show in the solid fabric
    • Most shapes seem to be triangles and squares, so I would recommend creating a sort of library of your favorite designs for each, and mix and match them in the blocks. 
    • Due to everything that is going on in this quilt, a secondary design would probably just get lost, or worse, take away from these great blocks and fun fabrics.


      • Shape 1: Triangles
        • Motif 1: Dot to dot design - visually break up the triangle in half and use that as a guide for connecting lines from "dot-to-dot".
        • Motif 2: Small echo triangles in the center of the triangle and fill in the remaining part of the triangle with your favorite filler, like the wishbone shape.
        • Motif 3: Asymmetrical lines across half the triangle and fill in the rest with "straight line squiggles" that are stitched counter to the asymmetrical lines.
      • Shape 2: Squares/Rectangles
        • Motif 1: Feather to fill the entire space, where the petals reach into the corners
        • Motif 2: Break up the square into three rectangles with varying widths. Fill these in with your favorite filler, like ribbon candy's and straight line squiggles.
        • Motif 3: Break the square into overlapping rectangles. Frame these pieces so that they pop more. Then fill them in with some fun fillers like paisleys or swirls.
      • Shape 3: Borders
        • Border Fill 1: Wishbone
        • Border Fill 2: Ribbon Candy

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