Learn How to EPP - A Book Review & Beginner Project Reveal!

I absolutely love my technology. I love my FitBit that tracks my steps, the smart lights that turn on when I give the voice command, and my computerized longarm that stitches complex designs to perfection. I wholeheartedly embrace this age of technology so that I can get things DONE in the most efficient way possible. 

But...there is just something about doing things with my hands that makes me feel connected to my work, calm, yet filled with anticipation. I got my first taste at hand quilting with a wool applique project. That is the project I pick up when I have quiet moments with my family, cuddling the animals, and getting cozy and warm on a cold winter night. I don't get many nights like that but I look forward to them when I do!

When I got the chance to review Carolina Moore's newest book, "Learn How to English Paper Piece", I was thrilled! English Paper Piecing is the one quilting skill that I knew would bring me the same joy that hand quilting wool applique does. And to be completely honest, it is even MORE fun! Her book is available only through Nancy's Notions. Nancy's Notions also has a fantastic Starter Set so you have everything you need to get...well, started!

Carolina is a very thorough and thoughtful writer. I was so impressed by the succinct explanations she gave on the basics, answering questions like - What is EPP?  What kind of projects can you even make with these tiny shapes? What materials and tools do you need to get started? I had every piece of knowledge at my fingertips! Even better than her words were her photos. Being such a visual person, as most of us creatives are, the photos were what I referred back to the most and what I would probably consider the most helpful aspect of the book. In addition to the basics, there are TEN projects! From beginner (me) to more advanced, and ideas for using EPP in ways you normally wouldn't think to.

As I tend to do, I made a little challenge for myself. It's just how I learn best. Make life harder for myself? Keep things interesting?! Maybe all of the above, hah.

My challenge was to only use fabric that I have had in my stash for a while. Not the new stash stuff, like the older stuff. The stuff I kind of forgot I had but had a really good reason for not using it until now, if only I remembered what that reason was!

My process for most of my quilty adventures is as follows.

  • First, the project. I chose the coasters using the diamond shapes. Small yet useful!
  • Second, the fabric. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my post about finally cracking open my long-hoarded Wonderland fat eighth bundle from Rifle Paper Co. This may have been my favorite part: picking a cute fabric with perfect fussy cutting possibilities!

  • Third, the tools. Glue, check. Applique needles, check. MicroQuilter thread, check. EPP paper, no! Shoot, it's too cold to go out and get any...I'll use my freezer paper template method; ok now check!

 I carefully followed Carolina's instructions and came out with a beautiful coaster! 

Which, to be totally honest, is actually going to be my tiniest wall hanging. It is just too pretty to be a coaster! 

So how do you feel about EPP now? I hope you are feeling inspired! Along with myself, there is a whole bunch of quilty friends participating in reviewing Carolina's book and trying out her projects. You can find them at the links below and the dates of their reviews! Enjoy!

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  • Well, that is just adorable! I’d have it up on the wall, too, so you can enjoy it every day.

    Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts
  • I love your coaster, especially the idea that you want to hang it on your wall.

    Kathy Bruckman
  • I love your coaster, especially that you want to hang it on a wall.

    Kathy Bruckman

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