The Storyteller's Sampler Quilt: EPP Worth Spending Time On

EPP Worth Spending Time On

You don't always have a lot of time to spend on your hobbies. The days can feel short because life is full! And really, that's a pretty great thing most of the time, amirite?

I feel pretty lucky that I have a full-time job that I love, and then I get to come home and spend time creating for this business. Oh yeah, and spending quality time with Scott and the fur babies! Chores, not so much, hah.

But that means that my time for fun sewing is limited. I have to be pretty picky with the projects I pick up for those precious few moments I have to sew.

In comes English Paper Piecing. EPP is one of the few ways that you can accomplish a lot in a little amount of time. It packs a punch!

Just follow these quick steps and you will be ready to create in those precious moments, too.

1. Pick just one EPP block, from a pattern, collection, or single packet
2. Have a kit of supplies ready to snap up whenever you have time to relax and sew. I keep mine on my side table in front of the TV.
3. Commit to 15 minutes of play to figure out scrappy fabrics for just part of a block. Yup, just part of a block. EPP doesn't require a commitment to even a full block!

If you've been following me on Instagram, you saw that I just finished up another EPP project recently (#batattack!), and I've been searching for another.

In the best kind of timing, Cinzia White recently asked for fellow quilt pattern designers to review a block in her new book. When I saw that it was an EPP book full of over 350 unique and beautiful blocks, I was thrilled to be able to sign up!

And it did not disappoint. I have only completed one block (Crystal Dreams) but I see myself coming back to this collection from the Storyteller's Sampler Quilt book for years to come.

Crystal Dreams EPP Block

With so many blocks to choose from, I'll never run out of an EPP project to have on hand. And because I only work one block at a time, I can play around with different fabric pairings and see what works and what doesn't. If it doesn't work out, that's ok. I learned something new and didn't spend a ton of time or fabric on it. Win-win!

So if you're feeling a bit frazzled by a busy schedule, unsure what to do during the short spurts of time you have for hobbies, I recommend trying out EPP and definitely checking out Cinzia's new book.

You'll always be ready with a fun project that you can take with you and continue to work on developing your fabric choices and style with just a small commitment.

EPP Worth Spending Time On


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