Church Window Quilt - Design Session #1

The Church Window Quilt by Brittany of Lo and Behold Stitchery is a gorgeous block based design made of gem shapes. What makes this a great design is the ability to make it completely your own with your fabric choices. You can play with placement to create movement, as well as choosing solid vs print.

And of course, because these shapes are large you can also do a lot of very fun quilting designs within them! In the video, I outline several unique quilt plans that are fun to do and will be sure to impress!

A detailed transcript of the video can be found below!

Design Session #1 - Church Window by Lo and Behold Stitchery

General Info:

Designs are geared towards the more advanced beginner/intermediate free motion quilter.

The straight line quilting motifs are geared towards walking foot quilting.

Quilting Plans:

Quilt Plan 1: Fill in one design per row, alternate designs.

Quilt Plan 2: Flower motif where gems are the petals.

Quilt Plan 3: Wave - 2 gems at a time

Quilt Plan 4: Cross - a nod towards a church stained glass window

Quilting Motifs:

Specific quilt designs that can be used to accomplish these quilt plans.

Always stitch in the ditch! This will help the blocks stand out and not meld together.

Motif 1: Echo all the way around inside the gem until the entire shape is filled in

Motif 2: Echo once with straight lines stitched on the diagonal.

Motif 3: Echo once with a straight line cross-hatch.

Motif 4: Echo once with a straight line cross-hatch. use the grid created by the cross hatch in order to quilt in curves that will create a more floral look.

Motif 5: Break up the gem shape into more manageable shapes, like rectangles and triangles. Fill in these shapes with your favorite fillers, like ribbon candy or wishbone shapes.

Motif 5: Fill the entire shape of the gem with your favorite fills!

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