Art Quilts - Design Session #4

Design Session #4 is a video covering the design options for a series of Art Quilts, submitted by Louise Brogan, a thread artist. Art quilts are a different type of quilt so the approach to quilting is different as well. This video breaks down how to find a common element among the series, what type of quilting would compliment the pieces best, and how to accomplish a subtle yet textured look.

A detailed transcript of the video can be found below!

Design Session #4 - Art Quilts by Louise Brogan


  1. Observation
    1. Since these four pieces are part of a series, I wanted to make sure that I picked out a common element among them, to be repeated throughout, and then change some of the other design elements in other areas to give each piece its own individuality. 
    2. These pieces are playing with the use of shadows. I wanted that to be the common element among them so they will have the same repeating design, whatever I choose that to be. Since the color of the shadows is very dark, the design will need to be simple. Just enough quilting to provide texture and be that signature element among the series. 
    3. The piecing and imagery of the quilts needs to remain the focus of the pieces, so quilting should be overall simple and clean. A matching microquilter thread would be my preference.
  2. Design options
    1. Since these quilts are made of all geometric shapes, straight line quilting would complement them extremely well. Instead of playing with different types of designs (like swirls, paisleys, etc), the intent would be to play more with the texture that the quilting can provide to enhance the imagery in the quilts. 
    2. I would play around with the density of the straight lines (for example, matchstick quilting), the direction of the lines (for example, vertical or diagonal), and where it would be appropriate to ignore the piecing.


  1. Diagonal on the sky (on the inside and outside of the structure)
  2. Vertical lines on the ceiling following the angle of the face of the structure
  3. Horizontal lines matching the angle of the vertical lines of the structure
  4. Ignore piecing of lightest shadow, vertical lines

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