American Flag Quilt - Design Session #7

Even though we think of patriotic quilts as only to celebrate fourth of July here in the United States, patriotic quilts are made year round. Patriotic quilts are made for charities like Quilts of Valor, where quilts are donated to veterans. So American Flag quilts are a pretty common quilt top regardless of the time of year.

A detailed transcript of the video can be found below!

Design Session #7 - American Flag Quilt


  • American Flag repeating block
  • Scrappy, print fabric for the blocks
  • Little flags, stars, bows - keep this in mind when thinking about designs. Is there a way to bring out these details in the quilting?
  • Solid fabric for the sashing and border
  • Sashing and border seem to be a nicely wide size

Thread Suggestion

Off white - this color would blend and compliment the best with all the colors in this top


Shape 1: American Flag blocks

Print fabric, anything very complex will get lost. Mostly want to add texture.

  • Motif 1: Traditional route/literal route: to add string of vertical stars for the blue block and straight lines for the stripes. Recommend measuring out and staggering. Maybe add photo of the Christmas wall hanging where I did this?
  • Motif 2: Diagonal straight lines (¼ to ½ inch) in the blue block, ribbon candy in the red stripes and geometric wishbone on the white
  • Motif 3: Clamshells in the blue block, serpentine lines in one direction on the red stripes, and serpentine lines in the other direction on the white stripes.

Shape 2: Sashing and borders

Solid fabric is normally where our quilting can shine, however, because the focus of the quilt top is the American Flag block, I would recommend something that doesn’t detract from it. Something simple and would be the same throughout both the sashing and border together, acting like a background fill.

  • Motif 1: Swirls - softer curves against the geometric blocks
  • Motif 2: Stippling - very traditional and homey feel

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